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Rob Millington, The Boss



Rob is the man of steel as far as the business is concerned.  He started the company many moons ago and has seen our team flourish and our client base grow from our humble beginnings.


He is often known for rolling his sleeves in and getting the job done with the other staff and will tackle any problem that is put in front of him. 


Just like the man of steel!


Well not quite, although he has been known to wear his underpants outside of his trousers (but he insists that this is a tool belt)



The Office Manager, the leader who controls all of our business internally.


Without this stalwart individual we would be lost as they record everything!


Other duties include managing the Death Star, Darth Vadar, the Emperor and all of the Imperial Controlled Star Systems (and some others which fall outside)

The Spice Girls, although they can sing better and fight amongst themselves less; organise our staff from day to day, co-ordinate all customer enquiries and facilitate the logistics to ensure we maximise our time and the time of the superheroes.


The resultant effect - a superhero service!!!

Our contractors who work tirelessly to deliver the best possible service, often passionate and focussed they can get a little frustrated from time to time and attack a local dandylion.


Do not worry so much, even superheroes lose their way!

Our business developers who work on the sales and tenders for the business are not wizards, nor can they grow beards. 


However, one of them is reported to have read the Hobbit as a child.


Other duties include estimating and managing the relationships of all our Middle Earth citizens, including (but not limited to) elves, hobbits, dwarves, humans and orcs

Formed in 2009 during recession times, we identified a niche in the market to provide a key planned and reactive service underpinned by an emergency call out akin to the demands of the 21st Century. 


During the time, we delighted customers by working hard  and smart using technology as a fundamental foundation to organise and plan works. 


This is reflected of the key service as we come past our first decade of business and continue to gain in momentum where other companies have fallen by the wayside.


We believe through the core values of our business and its staff we will continue to strive to be the region's leader in provision of services throughout. 







Whatever your requirement, whenever your requirement, we are there and happy to provide you with the most effective solution





Address: 308 Longmoor Lane, Aintree, Liverpool, L9 9BZ

Phone: 0800 046 1806

Email: info@dahnw.com




Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

24 Hour Emergency Call out



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